15-40 Years Age Must Read These 10 Points of Lupus


In simple words, Lupus is an autoimmune disease which can basically destroys any part of the body like skin, kidney, heart, blood vessel, eye, etc. Although there is no cure for this disease, 80% of patients survive for almost 15 years.

The immune system which kills pathogen or foreign cells in our body, turns out fatal to our own cells and start destroying them leading to chain of problems. This simple concept is called Autoimmunity.

10 Point You Should Know

  1. Chronic Autoimmune Disease: This means for long time this disease stays and keeps on destroying the cells slowly.
  2. Systemic Lupus: 70% of the Lupus is systemic type. In this type, more than one organs are affected. Mostly, it is better to say, the major organs are affected here. Major organs like brain, kidney, heart, lungs are affected
  3. Gene plays the role: Although, many of the patient do not have any history of their family member, it is seen that the patient may have atleast a history of autoimmune disease among the family members. There is a strong evidence of role of gene in causing this disease. Even though the above facts are true, it is still not said as hereditary disease.
  4. Symptoms mostly seen are joint pain, joint swelling, skin rash, swollen lymph nodes, fever, fatigue, oral ulcer, etc
  5. Many people of age group 18-34 years either not heard about lupus or do not know much about it. This is very disturbing fact that this age group are most at risk of this disease.
  6. Race: The risk of having this disease is more in native american, african, asians than caucausians. Koreans have the higher survival rate
  7. Late Diagnosis: It is not easy to understand the someone is suffering from lupus. Since the initiation of disease, it takes almost 4-6 years to feel the symptoms.
  8. It affects more females than males.
  9. There is estimated five million people living with lupus worldwide
  10. Although some drugs are given like immunosuppressants, corticosteroids, NSAID, methotrexate, there is still no cure for lupus. There are plenty of management options but doctors still do symptomatic treatment easing the symptoms of individual patient.

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