5 Things That Can Damage Your Brain

Brain can get damage gradually. It may get affected by the following habits/foods. You should try to avoid all these habits and foods now onwards

  1. Smoking: It restricts oxygen supply to the brain. It also heterocyclic amines that are present in it may interfere with your DNA replication.
  2. Alcohol: It is a chemical and may interfere chemical reaction that goes in the brain. In the long term, the speed of transmission via neuron may reduce. Read 5 Foods that give your High Blood Pressure.
  3. Covering your Head while sleeping: This may decrease oxygen supply. It also increase carbon dioxide concentration in your brain.
  4. Foods containing Polysorbate80: In animal studies, this has been linked to the brain cell death and inflammation. They deposited in frontal cortex of the brain. This may be present in some ice creams and cottage cheese.
  5. Eating too much sugar: Researchers from University of New South Wales demonstrated that in young mice, too much sugar have negatively impacted the brain.

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