5 Ultimate Points: How To Cope With Failures


Failures are every where and most of the time, a person meets with failures in the end. It is our biggest mistake that we think we will pass the exam we gave or we will surely success in the project we are doing. And when the opposite happens, our expectations kill us on that day of result. Because we are not ready to fight the odd as we already thought we will get through this. To explain this, if the city administration is not ready to fight the earthquake and suddenly the earthquake hits the city, there will much more deaths as the city was not prepared to deal with this massacre.

Here are highly researched and practical points for you to fight your failures.

Always ready for the disaster

You have to realize the reality. If you arbitrarily think that you will get through the challenge you are fighting and at last, it happened just the opposite, you will be heavily hit mentally. You cannot understand how it happened and why it happened to you. It may hit you so hard that you need few days or weeks to rejuvenate yourself from the loss and start continuing again. Many people do not see any future and end their present.

So, it is very much required to program your mind. Before your results comes out, you should start programming your mind that there may be no result and I have to fight again. Rather hoping for fun, you should start preparing for another war. This will make you stronger. Otherwise if you think you are going to shine and somehow it does not go well then it will be much harder for you to accept the disaster and start from all over again.

Concentrate on Yourself

Think twice why we get so depressed after a failure. Yes, the failed result shown to us is a big cause. But more than that, we get more depressed and sometimes it seems to be “Lost Everything” to us. A kind of thinking comes in our mind that we should leave being here on earth alive. What happens is that you are depressed because you have failed. You are too much depressed because a friend of yours or few of your friends have passed. You are more than “too much depressed” because you cannot think of living with this status. This three tier thinking gives you huge depression.

More you go above, more you have depression

In the above picture, the more you go above the stair, more you have depression. At the base of stair is “Failed Result”. You are depressed because you have failed and barred from the benefits of the result of success. But you know or you should know that one day you can surely crack it down. As of now, you are depressed. Next when your mind climb the stair, you feel more hopeless and depression increases. And if your mind is more labile then you will surely climb another step and become most depressed. You cannot imagine how to face others and specially those friends.

Sometimes or many times, some mediocre students passes and some brilliant not. This results in depression of the brilliant ones. Now remember one thing, it is the first mistake that we usually do by marking some students as poor, some mediocre and some brilliant. This markings often fails in future and create huge confusions in our mind itself. Try to avoid making all these useless markings and consider this. All students are students at the same level. A student can go up at an instance and in another can go down in terms of his or her performance.

So, all these explanation try to tell you that you should not climb the stairs. When you see the failed results, obviously, you will be on the step 1. Try not to climb the stairs. It is a well known fact that it is very normal to climb up the stairs. But before cracking any exam, you must crack how not to climb the stairs to step 2 and step 3.

Try to concentrate on yourself and plan your schedule and strategy. Do not think about your passed friends and how you are going to face others including your parents and relatives.

Avoid Negatives

This is a big point. Avoid chatting, talking or meeting with those friends or persons who cause more anxiety in you. There are ample of people who will scare and always give a scary news. Again there are many people who directly or indirectly try to insult you. Avoid these kind of persons readily, at least during the time of your preparation. You can also watch motivational videos and guiding videos for your exams. Sometimes it becomes harder when your parents starts becoming the negatives. I personally ask you to avoid them also just for that time. Negativism has surely negative effect on your mind. Be positive during your preparation days. Do not always think “How can I crack” or “If my friend pass then what I will do”.

Know It Or Not

There are bundle of attacks that will come if you do not pass your challenge. Firstly, many persons will poke you with different comments, may be insulting to you. In many cases, parents may tell you something which may be irritating for you. In fact, your close ones including your parents may yell at you, complaining about your different bad habits. You may think everything you do is wrong or you may think I am the worst person. This happens because they love you and when you do not succeed, they are also frustrated. Out of their frustration, they may start yelling many negative habits of yours.

What you should at this very time is that you should avoid them. But it is very hard to avoid them as they are all around you and that also always. Then what can be done? Yes, you can avoid taking their comments and complaints for granted. Even if they made you listen all those, you have to so strong from your inner core that you should ignore those comments and complaints.

Yes, it is extremely hard to do. Because at that very time, your mind is labile and brittle. In spite of this condition, you need to be stronger and more stronger than ever.

It is better to keep you close ones and your parents’ expectation low. You should do that before your result comes out. Prepare them from many days before you get your result. In the long run, this will help you by not getting bad comments from their side.

After all, see the previous heading. It says “Avoid Negatives”.

Be Calm and Walk Until You Reach

If you fail, you get another opportunity to be a hero. When you will become old, you will recall how you fought at this time. So, you should realize that you have to be like a soldier. In spite of many attacks, you must proceed. There will be injury and pain but you must go on. There will be news coming one after the other which may make you more depress. If out of 100 persons, 10 persons pass the exam, your close ones and parents will give you news about 7 to 8 persons out of 10 persons. It may seem that you are the only person who has not passed. Actually the majority have not passed, you should go by the data. So, be calm and try not to get irritated by the comments, complaints, news and do not climb those stairs.

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