8 Most Carcinogenic Foods You Must Know

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burnt food
  1. Processed Meats like salami, hot dogs, sausages have strong evidence linked to cancer
  2. Red Meat like pork, beef, lamb are classified as Group 2A carcinogen (probable cause of cancer)
  3. Heavily burned Barbequed food
  4. Hot beverages above 65 °C
  5. Smoking and Alcohol
  6. High salt intake linked to stomach cancer
  7. Burnt toast
  8. Trans fat as in chips and fries

There are more foods. But these are mostly linked to cancer. Try to consume less. Take precautions but do not panic. Cancer depends on many other factors to initiate. Consuming once or few times will not give you cancer.

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  1. 3rd February 2019

    […] Helps to prevent Cancer: Vitamin D influences 200 genes which is affected in its deficiency. To Know which foods can cause cancer, read 8 Most Carcinogenic Foods You Must Know […]

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