8 Things to Do If You Are Depressed

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  1. If you are under any medications, please refer to doctor. Depression may occur due to these medications.
  2. Keep yourself busy in Brain Storming activities
  3. Listen to Music and try to enjoy it
  4. Hang with friends, relatives.
  5. Never stay in Dark. Always be in bright light. It is Bright Light Therapy (BLT)
  6. Have a tight sleep.
  7. Anti depression medication: Must need medical advise from a doctor.
  8. You can also click here and fill up the form and tell what worries you now. We may lend a helping hand and get back to your email

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  1. 3rd February 2019

    […] Reduces depression. To reduce depression read 8 Things To Do If You Are Depressed […]

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