8 Things to Do to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

It is not possible to prevent Type 1 diabetes as it is auto immune. But Type 2 Diabetes although may have genetic predisposition, may also be classified as Lifestyle disorder.

In Type 2 diabetes, insulin (the hormone that helps to reduce sugar in blood) do not respond, although, it is present in blood.

Let’s see how Type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

  1. Weight: Be within normal Body Mass Index (BMI). How to check BMI? Visit here to download our MedBlog BMI calculator. If you are not obese, its good. Atleast, you should try not to have abdominal fat.
  2. Sedentary Lifestyle: Do not keep sitting and study or browse net. If must be physically active. For students, it is advisable to take a walk for twice in a day or do some exercises at home. You may think what exercise can do? It can’t do anything, if you do one or two days. It definitely can do something if you do everyday routinely. More over, exercises may enhance insulin sensitivity.
  3. Fiber diet like oatmeal. Vegetables and fruits can give you immunity, fiber, vitamins and can decrease consumption of fat.
  4. Alcohol and Smoke: Completely Stop these to ensure a diabetes free life
  5. Low carbohydrate Diet is better. Avoid diet high in carbohydrate. Be sure how much carb is present in your diet. You can also increase protein rather than carbohydrate. Read All About Soybean.
  6. Do not hurry: Reduce your stress in everything. Be relax in everything you do. You should be obsessed with time, work, study, exams, etc.
  7. Medications: Prediabetics may be advised drugs like Metformin.
  8. Join a support forum to get updated information: You can participate our Health Forum. No Cost – No Registraion. Visit and give info and take info, that what our policy is!

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