Autism: 10 Facts You Should Know

  1. It is a developmental disorder which is mainly characterised by two kinds of behaviour: deficits in communication and restricted/repetitive behaviour
  2. Autism is now considered as a spectrum disorder. That is, it has broad range of symptoms.
  3. Sometimes, they may have some special skill which make them fit for a career.
  4. There are Environmental factors that could trigger some genes to mutate which lead to autism are vast and could include certain drugs, chemicals, heavy metal exposure, antibiotics, extensive television viewing, flame retardant, or infections during pregnancy.
  5. Autism is more common than childhood cancers, diabetes, AIDS combined
  6. There are many management methods but there is no cure till now
  7. Apart from genes, drugs like valproic acid or thalidomide use during pregnancy can cause autism in fetus. Also, children born to older parents are at risk
  8. Each autistic child is different. The treatment/management methods are different according to their symptoms
  9. Drowning is the leading cause of death among autistic children.
  10. Other therapies currently suggested to help individuals with autism include: Music therapy, Movie therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Social Story Therapy, Pivotal Response Treatment, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Although therapies are pivotal for individuals with autism, other things such as a healthy diet and daily exercise are seen as ways to help them progress. In the past, a Gluten-Free diet has been seen as helpful.

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