Best Allergy Medicine At Your Home

Many of us have allergy today in many forms. Allergy sometimes, is so constitutional, that it cannot be removed easily. In fact, allergy never leaves you. It may increase or decrease but the complete removal is out of question. People have allergy from eating certain foods like sea foods, from dust, weather, coming in contact with certain objects, leather, medicines and a lot more. Although, the triggering factor may be different for different people but there are some general factors which cause allergy to most people.

There are whole lots of medicines for allergy available. But you can find those cannot always relieve you fully. Sometimes, allergy become so severe, that you have to get hospitalized. Hence the best allergy medicine is to AVOID those factors that can trigger allergy in you.

Here are some ways to avoid triggering factors so that you can able to disallow the allergic reaction to start.

Change Covers

Yes, routinely change the bedcover, table cloth and curtains of the doors and windows. Because the dust accumulate on these covers and when you go past them or present nearby them, they can slowly trigger allergic reactions. May be your allergic reaction can be due to them but you simply unable to realize that. So, make a habit to change them regualrly and wash them.

Certain Clothing

It is very common to get allergic reaction like itching from using a certain cloth. It is also very common not to detect the particular cloth which is initiating the allergic reaction in your skin. Now if you get allergic reaction after wearing new clothes or even any other clothes, you have to detect when you are experiencing the itching. Specially clothes initiate initiate on the skin of the back. Some people have allergy to natural products like those clothes which are made from 100% cotton.

Be Careful while cleaning

Specially when you are just doing dry cleaning like you are cleaning the loose dust at your home, you should be careful by wearing mask or you can take a cloth and make it wet and use it to remove loose dust. In this way, you can avoid removing loose dust and making them fly in the air. This loose dust are very much allergic and can act as strong stimulating agent for allergic reaction for you.

Detect Food items

There are some food items which cause allergic reaction. This is manifested or presented as abdominal pain in most cases. Many people are allergic to eggs. After having egg, they start having abdominal pain. This is kind of allergic reaction and can be relieved by anti histamines. But it will be best if you can detect them and avoid them from beforehand. Again seafoods are one of the most often items that can cause allergic reaction. So, do not panic but be careful. If you have pain after eating a specific food item, you should avoid them. There are some mushrooms which can cause allergic reaction. Wheat products can also cause. Hence this is very much individualised which food item will be undesirable to a person.


Many a times, it has been seen that many persons experience allergic reaction in specific time or months in a year. This is due to seasons. You should be aware when there is season of pollination or release of pollens from various plants and trees. During the time, you should take protection by wearing mask or simply keeping the windows and doors closed as much as possible. In many cases, simply the hot season or the cold season may be the trigerring factor. So, you should try to keep yourself stable in this case. If there is sudden onset of winter season and this triggers your allergic reaction, you should try to keep yourself keep warm by drinking warm water, tea or coffee.

Remain In Artificial Environment

This is very easy but little costly. You can buy air conditioner to keep the environment inside you home stable. To elaborate, air conditioner can keep your air pollution free and can maintain the temperature without having fluctuation. But yes, it is not possible to stay always at home, specially for the adults. At least for children, it can be done so when there is aggravation of allgeric reaction.

Keep yourself away from Pollution

I know this is very difficult. If you stay in megacity, you have to face pollution. You can go away. If you go out of your home, you have to face pollutants. These pollutants may cause allergic reaction to your skin, eyes or even cause problems in breathing. You can wear masks or avoid those roads that have high density traffic. You can also cover your body to avoid any pollutant to get into your skin contact. But this is quite difficult in every case.

These are some of the ways by which you can give your the best allergy medicine, that is, to avoid the allergen or triggering factors.

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