Circumcision Revision Surgery for Curing Paraphimosis

You must have faced diseases and illnesses in your life but these must be common like the common cold, constipation, loose motions and cut on the skin or as small as having a headache. You must have read or heard about different diseases that are very rare and most of them you would have never heard of but still, they are there.

One of them is Paraphimosis; never heard of it right. But don’t worry further in the article it will be discussed in detail and also a very effective treatment called circumcision revision surgery. You must be thinking about the connection between both so when you will read further, it will be clear to you.

What is Paraphimosis?

This type of medical condition is very rare and at the same time uncommon. In this condition, the foreskin of the penis is stuck at the back and it becomes difficult to pull it forward to the tip of the penis. As a result, the skin swells and sticks at the back causing the fluids to gather. This can cause the flow of the blood to stop which leads to intense pain if not treated in time.

How it is caused?

Several factors contribute to the cause of Paraphimosis; both medical and personal circumstances add to the cause of this condition. The causes of Paraphimosis are mentioned below;

  1. The skin may be left as it is after a medical examination by the doctor or the parents.
  2. The foreskin on the penis is too tight. No logical explanation is there as to why it is caused but still, this condition is there.
  3. When you use different instruments on your penis then it is likely that it will damage your skin.
  4. Adult circumcision is done the first time goes all wrong.
  5. Infection that is caused by not taking care of your hygiene.
  6. Biting of an insect can also be a major cause.
  7. Diabetes contributes to inflammation of the skin causing it to develop into Paraphimosis.
  8. The skin is not placed back to its original position after Catheterization.

What are the Major Symptoms?

There is another medical condition that has more or less the same name called Phimosis. You can know that both of them are different from each other by the symptoms they bear. Paraphimosis can be recognized by the following sings;

  1. You can’t pull the skin of the penis to its right spot.
  2. There is a lot of swelling on the tip of the penis.
  3. The patient suffers from intense pain and displeasure.
  4. Complications in urination.
  5. Redness on the skin that can cause rash and infection.
  6. The tip of the skin turns blue or black because the blood flow is disturbed.

Can Complications develop?

What if Paraphimosis is not treated properly and on time? It can give rise to many difficulties and complex situations. You can ask a surgeon about the complications and how to avoid them by contacting clinics that deal in this rare condition, Circumcision Center is one such place you can visit. The surgeons will advise you about the following complications that you can avoid;

  1. Infection that can develop crucial circumstances.
  2. The tip of the penis can be damaged.
  3. Gangrene which is caused by dead tissues that can gather on the penis.
  4. You can even lose the penis edge.

Prevention of Paraphimosis:

If this condition is so dangerous then how can it be prevented from happening at all? You need not worry because you can easily evade completely before it even starts. By adopting the below-mentioned instructions you can be safe from having it all;

  1. The first thing you can do is have adult circumcision if you didn’t have it earlier. It reduces the risk a lot.
  2. You can pull back the skin on the penis to its initial position after urinating, cleaning the penis and especially after sexual activity.
  3. Remember that the longer you keep the skin at the back; it is most likely that you can increase the chances of having Paraphimosis.
  4. Maintain a healthy routine of keeping the penis and the surrounding area clean and hygienically fit.

Cure by Circumcision Revision Surgery:

Although there are many variations by which Paraphimosis can be cured but the most effective one is revision surgery. The surgeon will perform another circumcision surgery but to correct the abnormal medical condition you are suffering from; in this case Paraphimosis. The treatment involves making a slit on the skin and it is pulled forward and set on the correct position. After the surgery, you can put ice packs to ease the pain and swelling, keep a bandage on until fully healed and remove the excess fluid and blood with the help of a needle.

It seems that Paraphimosis is a dangerous condition but in reality, it can be prevented and cured if you take care of it properly. Another way to do it is by circumcision revision surgery that can be conducted by surgeons.

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