Diseases that don’t show Early Symptoms: Go for Regular Health Checkups

Prevention is better than cure – A very powerful saying to keep us healthy for the long run. Sudden chest pain, dizziness, increased fatigue, shortening of breath – These are the signs of possible dangerous health problems such as heart attack or stroke. Why not detect these risks at the earliest by going through health checkups so the preventive measures are taken.

By going through a comprehensive health checkup, many of the diseases are detected at early stages before your body reacts with alarming symptoms. Here the preventive health check-up becomes important.

Here are some common diseases the body doesn’t reveal significant signs in conjunction with:-

Generally, Diabetes shows some earlier symptoms like excessive thirst, weakness and fatigue with more urination. However, type 2 diabetes doesn’t show any of these signals at all. Regular health check-up is advised for the people of the age 40 or older so they start taking preventive measures.

Cardiovascular Disease:
It is the high-risk disease as the body doesn’t show any symptom of heart attack or stroke before it becomes very late. Although smoking, high cholesterol and obesity are some of the risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases yet a healthy body can also show the alarming symptoms of heart disease.

So it is required to go for an annual health check to identify the markers of heart diseases. This will allow us to take preventive actions to reduce the further risks involved.

Colon Cancer

According to research, colon cancer has a 90% chance to prevent at an early stage if detected on time. In past, about 50% of the population diagnosed with this type of cancer but it was too late. In fact, colon cancer doesn’t show any warning sign in the body until it has spread badly. A regular health screening helps to detect this disease so preventive steps can be taken.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a disease that causes throat muscles to block the passage of air during the sleep. It causes a disturbance in breathing in for a few seconds. Many people suffering from this disease don’t feel that their sleep was disturbed as it happens for a moment between certain durations.

Obstructive sleep apnea can be diagnosed through an early health check. If ignored for a longer period, it leads to high blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack.


Identifying the above diseases in time will reduce the risk of further complications. As per the Canadian medical guidelines, People with certain medical issues, are advised to go for annual health checks to get the clearer picture.

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