Drugs To Carry During Travel

While traveling, you are alone. You should take care of your health and there may be many kinds of problems that you counter during any journey, specially, long journey.

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  1. Paracetamol: It is the most important drug you should carry. At least one strip. It may relieve you from fever, headache, body ache, etc. Read More about Paracetamol. Also Read 5 Things You Can Do in Fever/Flu.
  2. Anti Diarrhea: Drugs like Loperamide may treat lose motion ( lose stool) very quickly. Diarrhea is very common occurrence during traveling. Either due to foods, eating from anywhere, tension, etc, you may have diarrhea. It will be very problematic for you while you are alone, specially. Antibiotic should also be included like norfloxacin, ofloxacin, azithromycin, etc.
  3. Anti Allergic: Suddenly, allergy may occur due to exposure to different agent like dust, pollutant, stress, etc. You should carry anti histamines like loratadine or cetrizine. You should not carry first or second generation anti histamines because they may cause significant sedation. If you go to sleep, you may miss flight or may be your luggage stolen.
  4. Motion Sickness: For this, you should read our blog, 10 Best Remedies for Motion Sickness.
  5. Your Regular drugs, if any. Inhaler, Blood Pressure drugs, hormonal drugs, etc. You should be aware that your regular drugs must not get missed, specially antibiotics, asthma medicines, anti hypertensives. Read Blood Pressure, Lifestyle, Foods.

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