Headache: Things That Concerns You The Most

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Headache is the pain that occurs anywhere in the head or neck region. It may be mild to moderate to blasting. It may occur as regular cause or there may be some disturbances in the body or may be due to a disease. It may also occur due to problems in head itself like disturbances in blood flow inside the head or neck, or may be due to underlying disease in any part of the body, even inside head, as a secondary symptom. The previous type is Primary one and the latter is secondary one. But 90% times, headache occurs due to primary one. Only 10% may be due to secondary one.

Now enough of Introduction. The things that you should know is most important. In everyday life, we have headache. Now sometimes we ignore those headaches and sometimes, headaches does not allow us to ignore them. Now the headache may be not serious but if it is serious and you ignore them for long, what you do is, you just increase the seriousness of the headache and make it more difficult for the doctor to manage it in the future. Above all, you are the biggest sufferer.

The first thing you should have idea about is what the pain is about. In this busy life, should I go to doctor to have check up? Or I should be more busier with my work than my headache?

Here are some types of headache that you may encounter in everyday life.

Tension type

not a pinpoint pain. It occurs throughout head. There is no throbbing sensation. Tenderness around the neck, forehead, scalp, shoulder muscle, etc. Mostly triggered by Stress. Any Over-The-Counter pain relieving medicine can relieve this. Sometime, there is a need to take anti depressant drugs for decreasing the stress. But if this headache remain for few days or cannot be cure by OTC medicine or occurs almost every day, you must consider a doctor visit.

Cluster Headache

In this type, there is burning sensation, either around the eye or one side of the face at a time. There may also be piercing sensation in the same areas. Watering from eye and congestion in nose is sometimes, found. This type is more in men than in women. Sometimes, flushing, redness occur in these areas. This type is called as “Cluster” because these headaches occur in group. May occur from 15 minutes to 3 hours approximately. May occur from one to three times per day. It may happen like this, after few weeks, headache may disappear for months to years only to reappear again. You should visit your doctor in this case. Your doctor may give advise you to do PET scan. Drugs may be Oxygen therapy, triptans, etc. But only doctor has to advise the medications.


May be you have heard this name. This is characterised by recurrent, self limited, severe headache in one side of the head. It feels like the throbbing pain is coming from deep within the head. Can last for days. Nausea and vomiting is common. People with this headache type are sensitive to light and sound. About 30% of people with migraine may have Aura, problem in perception of strange light, sound, unpleasant smell, confusing thoughts or experience, etc. Mostly, this headache occurs in female and family history may likely be present. Ibuprofen or paracetamol may be given but it is best to have a doctor visit in this case, as it may be serious one.

Sinus Headache

There are some air filled cavities in the bones of skull. This type of headache occurs when these cavities get filled with air, pus and mucus. In addition, the membrane that is present inner side of these cavities may get inflammed and congested. There is feeling of tightness, coming out of green or yellow discharge, uncomfortable pressure behind the forehead, ache in upper jaw, redness and swelling of cheeks, nose or forehead. This headache may occurs in sinusitis (infection in these sinuses). So, it is important to detect why this sinus headache is occuring. Is it due to sinus blockage or sinus infection? If antihistamine or decongestant cannot heal you, consider a visit to doctor.

Exertional headache

This type occurs after periods of intense physical activities like running, too much office work, even sexual intercourse. These activities causes increased flow of blood to head leading to throbbing headache on both the sides of your head. But it should not last too long. Few minutes to few hours may be the duration. Analgesic like aspirin or ibuprofen may manage the condition. Caffeine may also ease this kind of headache.

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