Medicinal Plants in Indian Kitchen

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There was a time, not very long ago, just seven decades ago, when every Indian home had a small kitchen garden. The place had a coconut tree and herbs of various types which were used in cooking Indian recipes. Maybe, that was the reason why your Indian ancestors were so healthy. Even today, in many Indian villages, they do not go out in the market to buy fruits and vegetables. All they do was go into the kitchen garden and pluck leaves, vegetables, and fruits. Mix them with the necessary ingredients and food has been prepared for a delicious meal. In this article, let us focus on medicinal plants in the Indian Kitchen.

1. Ginger Plant

Growing ginger plants are easy, as they need very little maintenance. What they need is humidity, moist soil and not direct sunlight. And the ginger root is famous for its medicinal properties in DIY home remedies to cure the headache.,

The medicinal components present in ginger are shogaol and gingerol. They can reduce inflammation. They can also regulate the blood flow in the brain vessels.

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2. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Peppermint

Do you prepare non-vegetarian dishes in your home? Then the leaves from the peppermint plant are used in many recipes to stimulate digestion. The medicinal properties of peppermint are related to the component menthol which can stimulate blood circulation. It is also used to cure headaches and other simple ailments such as stomach pain.

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3. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Basil Leaves

Every Indian home, even in recent times, has a basil plant either near the front door or near the rear door. Do you know that the smell of the basil leaves can deter mosquitoes from entering your home? The medicinal properties of basil leaves are related to the components thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol. Holy basil leaves are used with other items (honey) to get relief from cough and throat pain. The medicinal oils present in the plant are terpineol, citronellol, and limonene.

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4. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Coconut Tree

This tree is regularly found in many Indian village houses. The reason, a lot of Indian recipes can be prepared from coconut fruit. Do you know, in Kerala, the local population uses coconut oil for cooking recipes?

Pure coconut oil, if rubbed on the head, can reduce hair fall. The medicinal properties are due to the presence of lauric acid. And when you massage the scalp along with coconut oil, the blood circulation is improved, and the hair fall gets reduced.

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5. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Potato Juice

It is no doubt a root plant, but you can grow in the corners of your kitchen garden. As per elders, if you want to put on weight, you can include potato in the diet. Juice made from potato is applied on the head to prevent hair fall. The reason can be attributed to the presence of niacin, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

The other benefits of using potato in the diet are relief from stomach pain.

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6. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Hibiscus Plant

This plant is, no doubt, known for its beautiful flowers in the garden. But do you know that the fruits from the plants are used to prepare medicines? The flowers and leaves are used to curb hair fall and dandruff.

The reason for the medicinal properties are due to the presence of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and alpha hydroxyl acids.

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7. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Lemon

It is a fruit, no doubt. It is well known for its citric acid content. If you are suffering from toenail fungus or suffered bruises in the body, you can apply diluted lemon juice as it has antiseptic properties. The lemon plant was an integral part of the Indian kitchen in olden times. If you are suffering from cough, you can mix lemon water and honey to get relief.

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8. Medicinal Plants Found in Indian Kitchen – Aloe Vera

Usually, this plant is found in fences along the Indian village fields. The juice of this plant is used to heal wounds and bruises. It is also used for the prevention of ailments such as acid reflux and indigestion. The medicinal components present are aloin, barbaloin, etc. They are the compounds present in aloe vera juice to prevent anti-inflammation.

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So, these are the regular plants in any Indian home. In the village, you can see at least one or two of these plants near the kitchen. Do you also want them in your urban home? If you are staying in an urban city such as Bangalore, it is very easy to get gardening services from top professionals. How? Just check for companies offering house maintenance services of electronic appliances in the city. They will have professional companies offering residential gardening services in Bangalore as part of their customer care list.

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