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  • Dr. Soumee Das Samanta



As all our beloved students are about to step into the last month of theFMGE – Calendar, we thought it would be good to help...

Crack Ophthalmology

These are the most important topics and grasping these will help you to crack ophthalmology in FMGE exam  General Ophthalmology: Dimensions of the Eye and...


A huge number of students are heart-broken after the FMGE 2020 has been postponed. Many of them are feeling lost & aimless for the time...

Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Corona Virus

HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 is the scariest sound of today’s world-isn’t it? Well..its quite justified as it is officially declared as... Free FMGE Test 18

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Crack Anaesthesia: High Yield Topics for FMGE

Pin index and Color coding, Induction, Analgesia, CPR, Local Anaesthesia, Types of Anaesthetic Agents ETI, Indication, Side-effect, Contraindication of Intubation. Epidural & Spinal Anaesthesia: Process...

Crack Forensic & Toxicology: High Yield Topics for FMGE

If you can cover these topics, you are set for Forensic and Toxicology in this coming FMGE Definition/ Concept of : Inquest; Types of Inquest;...

Crack Psychiatry: High Yield Topics for FMGE

Concept of Autism; Delusion & its types, Illusion & Types , Hallucination & Types, Differences between Delusion,Illusion & Hallucination; Anxiety; Panic-attacks; Mania; Phobia ** A...

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