Psoriasis: Causes and Treatments

Some typical examples of Psoriasis

In psoriasis, patches of abnormal skin is seen. These patches of skin may be red, dry, scaly, itchy. This disease occurs due to problem in immune system which start attacking the self skin tissue leading to this disease.

What Causes It?

  1. Gene: It is found that the mutation to a gene called IL36RN might be involved in the three forms of pustular psoriasis
  2. Injury to Skin: Cuts, scrapes, bug bites, severe sunburns
  3. Infections like streptococcal infection, candida albican
  4. Certain medications like lithium, antimalarial, indomethacin
  5. Smoking and alcohol
  6. Too much contact with hot water
  7. Obesity
  8. HIV

How to Treat?

  1. Topical Cream: Vitamin D analogue
  2. Combination of Vitamin D and topical corticosteroid
  3. Moisturizer and emollients like petroleum jelly
  4. Psoralen and Ultraviolet A Phototherapy
  5. Methotrexate and ciclosporin may suppress immune system
  6. Diets rich in fish oil is recommended

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