Self-Sabotaging Behaviours And How To Overcome Them – A Guide

“What is required for many of us, paradoxical though it may sound, is the courage to tolerate happiness without self-sabotage.”

― Nathaniel Branden, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

Self-sabotaging is a behaviour which is invisible to the eye and unconscious to the mind unless it creates hazardous and injudicious problems in life. It is the type of behaviour which doesn’t necessarily cause serious problems in the early stages, but once you become aware of the pattern, you realise that they’ve been serving as a barrier between you and your goals. There is no guarantee that by connecting the dots of self-defeating behaviour, it will eventually help you overcome self-sabotaging outcomes. However, there are several behavioural therapies that aid in encountering and tackling these behaviours head-on.

Students often fail to attend classes on time due to procrastination or laziness. As a consequence, they are compelled to attain online assignment help UK for a related topic from an online source. This procrastination is an example of self-sabotaging behaviour. Other examples of self-sabotaging behaviour are drug or alcohol abuse, comfort eating, and self-inflicting practices. Below are some of the most effective ways that can help you combat self-sabotaging acts and induce motivation within you.

  1. Dodging emotions: You must have observed that as human beings we try our very best to stay away from the things that cause us to hurt or harm and we maintain friendship and proximity with the things that cause us happiness and pleasure. This is known as the pleasure principle. It is essential to be self-aware and have a close insight into your emotions. If you lack understanding of your own emotions, you will cause further damage to yourself, hence, inflicting self-sabotage. You can consciously cause this harm by diverting your attention to something else. People generally eat their emotions or even inflict pain on others as a subsequent reaction.
  2. Procrastination: Do you ever go through phases where nothing interests you, and you don’t find your flow? It is highly annoying and frustrating as it causes you to lose out on valuable time. You wonder how the time passed so quickly, knowing that you spent it playing video games instead of finishing your assignments. This occurs to justify any adverse reaction that could potentially cause damage.
  3. Extreme modesty: If you consider yourself as someone who feels uncomfortable receiving praises, even where it’s due, then it’s possible that you show extreme modesty as a defence mechanism. When you constantly undermine your skills and abilities in front of people, you will provide them with the opportunity to take you less seriously and consider everything you do well a lucky incident.
  4. Addiction: When the going gets hard, and it becomes increasingly unbearable to manage pain and destructive thoughts, people often turn to alcohol and drug consumption. They help in providing momentary satisfaction in numbing the pain. However, it backfires and causes an even severe reaction in the long term. Even people with strong headspace are prone to making such faults, and they result in a major downfall.

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