Types of Alternative Therapies

Types of Alternative Therapies

Human life is full of sweet memories. Yet, there are some times when you rue the very existence of your life. One among them is when you fall ill/sick. In recent times, it has become common to pop a pill for a simple headache. Or else get admitted in a hospital, and get medical leave from your office. But the fact is, are you healthy after taking the pill or does the same problem come again? Yes, no other therapy can beat allopathy when it comes to treatment of dangerous diseases or while setting right fractures. But for simple treatment, it is mainly alternative therapies which you or many depend on. In this article, let us focus on the types of alternative therapies.

As per a rough estimate, more than 72 million people in all corners of the globe prefer one or the other forms of alternative medicine. So, let us focus only on important alternative therapies.

1 Alternative Therapies – Aromatherapy

When was the last time you heard the word aroma? When your father visualized a great dish prepared in the kitchen by your mom. He sniffed the ‘aroma’ in the air. Now, put the same concept even in medicine. The product used is oils or plant compounds. The practice of this therapy has been prevalent since 6000 years.

The perfume from the oils has been found to stimulate immunity, reduce feelings of depression and give psychology benefits. And aromatherapy also includes inhalation, topical applications, and body massage.

For inhalation, the process used is oil droplets in steam water. However, medical experts advise to first check for allergy before trying out this therapy. When it comes to topical applications, you should never apply the oil directly to the skin. First, dilute it with another oil (olive oil or almond oil). Used in treatment for simple ailments such as headaches and mental depression.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Homeopathy

This system works on the philosophy that the body has the ability to get cured on its own. But in times of illness, an extra amount of energy may be required to set the balance and improve the immunity. Homeopathy uses a very tiny part of natural substances such as minerals and plants for treatment of ailments such as nausea, colds, coughs, toothaches, and bruises.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Chinese Medicine

How will you describe a system that is prevalent for thousands of years? In fact, in China, common people prefer this method to get rid of body ailments.

The practitioners of this therapy use herb, acupuncture and even gentle exercises such as Tai Chi to heal the mental and physical problems.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Acupuncture

It is a process, where very thin needles are inserted at specific points in the body at different depths. Usually, this therapy is used for relief against pain. The method believes that energy in the human body should flow to avoid any health problem. There are times when energy gets blocked leading to various illnesses. Acupuncture balances the process by ensuring the free flow of energy all through the body.

Acupressure is used against back pain, high blood pressure, headache, migraine, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and other similar ailments.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Ayurveda

This system originated in India and has a 5000-year-old history. You can find the basic principles is almost similar to Tibetan medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This therapy is usually regarded as a way of life. It makes your body realize its potential. And unlike other therapies, it follows a strict regimen. For example, if you are suffering from fever, and have gone to an Ayurved physician, he/she will first ask the medical history and then give the medicine. There are chances, you will be asked not to include oily dishes till the fever gets reduced. In short, this therapy ensures that the human body works in tandem with the environment.

Used against simple ailments such as high fever, relief from pain.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Tai Chi

You need to go to Malaysia and Singapore to understand the importance of Tai Chi. Early in the morning, in Government parks and other places, scores of people practice this art to remain healthy. It is a difficult art to learn, and you need to have patience.

You can find many styles of Tai Chi, some of the famous being Chen, Wu, and Yang. Each style differs in the number of steps.

Tai Chi works on these principles – slow movements to bring mind in combination with the Body. The movements generate internal energy which helps increase positive feelings and the immunity of your body.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Normal Exercises

Can you tell how many times the heart beats a minute? Usually, it is 72 times. So, as per fitness experts, you should exercise at least 1 hour 12 minutes every day. One hour of exercise every day, and the body can handle any type of challenge concerned with the mind or brain. And there are different types of exercises such as running and jogging. In short, any exercise should not include one or some specific body parts but include the entire body.

Running for one hour can make every part of your body active. The sweat from your body can release the body of toxins stored in the body. Regular exercise helps in boosting the positive feelings and enhance the immunity of the body.

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  1. Alternative Therapies – Equine Therapy

This therapy is usually for patients or children suffering from autism. This therapy is usually described as the treatment which involves animals (horses) with humans. The improvement patterns are usually supervised by health professionals supported by the horse trainer.

This therapy has been found to help patients develop self-confidence, self-control and problem-solving skills.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Reiki

Known as one of the best forms for self-healing and healing others, it is a Japanese technique. It is based on the concept of Pranic healing, an ancient practice from India. As per its principles, the human body has a life force energy that has to flow continuously. In case, there is a low amount of this energy in the body, then you can feel stressed or fall sick. Although this form does not include body movements nor meditation, the practice of Reiki can heal body, mind and even negative emotions.

In combination with allopathy, Reiki has been found to cure many diseases and help in fast patient recovery.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Yoga

Yoga is not a form of therapy such as allopathy but involves body movements. There is seldom a therapy where paralytic strokes can get treatment. But with the practice of yoga, recovery can be faster. In recent times, yoga therapy has become famous to cure minor ailments such as headache and back pain without side effects.

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  1. Alternative Therapies – Naturopathy

As the title suggests, it is in living in harmony with Mother Nature. This practice was followed in India since the old days. And it involves the principles of the moral, spiritual method of living as per Nature. So, during the summer, you do not eat foods which can increase your blood pressure. And in the winter season, you do not consume fruits which can make you suffer from cold.

  1. Alternative Therapies – Unani

Did the name suggest a foreign tradition? Yes, you are right. This system of medical therapy was introduced by foreign travelers and businessmen. Example, and Arabs. The time may be the 11th century. Today, India has a number of Unani institutions compared to any other country in the world.

If you look at history, then its origin is from Greece. And once again, you are right. It was Hippocrates, who was among the many to lay the foundation of this type of medicine. Then the Arabs contributed by taking the best from many cultures such as Iraq, Egypt, and Persia. During the Mughal rule in India, the Unani system achieved name and fame.


  1. Alternative Therapies – Siddha System

You can include this system along with Naturopathy and Ayurveda. In Tamil, Siddhar means a saint, and they were known to possess special powers to cure even dangerous diseases. This system is widely popular in Tamil Nadu.


So this is the article on types of alternative therapies. The best way to enjoy life on Mother Earth is to live with the best health. And how to retain health at all times? Follow the rules of Mother Nature. In the morning, have a proper breakfast, good lunch, and light dinner. And sleep exactly at 10 pm, rise at 4 am.

As the sun rises in the east, your body also prepares for its daily share of work. Right? In the morning, you feel energetic, as the sun rises. When the sun rises above your head in the afternoon, you feel a little tired. And in the evening, when the Sun goes down, you also feel some deprivation of energy. But it is according to the laws of Nature.

Are you following the same routine? These days, there are many who suffer because they do not follow the natural way. They sleep very late in the night and wake up late in the afternoon. The entire life cycle has to adjust to the change. And if the food is not taken properly, then acidity sets in. Very soon, you will suffer from various diseases.

So, live as per the laws of Mother Nature, and you will always stay healthy and happy.

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