Urine Foul Smell: 8 Reasons Why You Have This

Normally, your urine should be clear, straw yellowed colored fluid. The smell should be mild and not pungent.

Physiological variations occurs due to drinking water less than required but mostly, the smell should be mild. If your urine is too smelly, you should not neglect.

Take a look at this blog the 10 reasons why you may have foul smelling urine.

  1. YOU MAY HAVE URINARY TRACT INFECTION:  Urinary Tract Infection may make your urine smelly as it should not be. Another important thing is that you may have burning sensation during urinating, urgency to urinate, even lower abdominal pain.
  2. YOU DRANK A TOO MUCH COFFEE: Drinking too much coffee may make the urine, coffee like. And if this coffee is black one, it has more chance to be smell like coffee.
  3. YOU ATE GARLIC, ONION, ASPARAGUS: Yes, these foods can make your urine more smelly, specially if you eat more. They breaks down in the body and impart smell to urine.
  4. DIABETES: If you have diabetes, your urine may smell sweet. In ancient times, the doctors used to taste patient’s urine and modern medicine has given us knowledge to know diabetic patient without tasting!
  5. Liver Problems: If your smelly urine is due to this, you may have more symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, yellow eyes, weakness, weight loss, etc. So, you should run to a doctor in this case.
  6. Ovulation: The female hormones has certain effects on the smell of the urine. During your mid cycle days, females may experience smelly urine due to ovulation (the process by which your egg is hatched inside the body).
  7. Certain Medications and Vitamin: Medications like sulfa drugs can cause smelly urine.
  8. Intestine is leaking Into Bladder: There may be an abnormal connection between two body parts due to infection or inflammation. This abnormal connection is called a fistula and if it occurs between intestine and bladder, it can mix the intestinal contents and bladder contents, making foul smelly urine.

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