Vitiligo: Few Tips to Hack Its Spreading

Vitiligo is a disease that cause loss of skin color and makes white patches through out your body. It can attack skin of any part including hairs and inside of mouth.

Our skin color is imparted by a specific kind of cells called melanocytes. In this disease, a change occurs to our immune system (which is responsible for killing any hostile cells in our body), causing the immune system to recognize the melanocytes as hostiles and hence, immune system kills the melanocytes. Consequently, melanocytes are no more there to impart your skin color and those portion of skin becomes white patches.

Hack Vitiligo With These

  1. Does Stress and Trauma give You Vitiligo?: The answer to this question is NO. Do consider one thing. Do have vitiligo, you must have the gene in your body. The genetic predisposition is the first and the most important cause of vitiligo. Now, stress and trauma may be triggering factor but that does not mean, a little cut in a person with genetic predisposition cannot get away from vitiligo.
  2. Another Important thing to do is the Diet Chart. It is not confirmed that the diet will save you but it may be helpful. Below is the chart given.
vitiligo diet chart

3. Sunburn can worsen vitiligo. If your family member has vitiligo or if you have you specially, do use SPF 30 before going to outside in daytime.

4. Do not go for Immune Booster: Yes you have heard it right. Generally, doctors say to take immune boosters and eat those foods which boost immunity. But in this case, immunity is over active, so much that, it is killing the normal melonocytes of your body. So, do not give them extra energy, vitiligo may increase.

5. The above point does not mean you should devoid yourself of diets. In some vitiligo patients, vitamin deficiency is one triggering factors. You should talk to a doctor for approving one multivitamins.

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6. Before buying any lotion, cosmetic, creams, etc, you should check whether they contain anything that has something to do with pigmentation. If you are little cautious about these things, you will able to arrest the spreading of white patches.

7. Be Hopeful: There are treatments available for vitiligo. Even it get spread, there are options available. But you have to find the right hospital/clinic/doctor who does these treatments. Not everyone. Because every hospital may not have that infrastructure. From medications to procedure to UV therapy, all are available to treat your vitiligo.

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