What is the Main Cause of Crooked Teeth in Kids?

We all love to see the smile of a baby or child. However, that is only until the teeth start coming in and become terribly crooked. For most infants, it isn’t unusual to see them have crooked teeth, and in most cases, the reason is simple. There could be many reasons and this post will address them all. Just know that if a baby or a toddler struggles with crooked teeth, it’s a known fact that their teeth will also have problems when fitting into the spaces of the gum.

In the case of crooked teeth, consulting a children’s dentist at an early age, when they are seven or eight years is often comforting for most parents. This is because it will allow early assessment and treatment of the problem. Most parents wonder whether their child needs orthodontic braces. For some, it’s not an option because of the price tag that comes with it, whereas for others it is the only solution. As a parent, definitely, you would want your child to have a straight smile that’s why it is best that you consult a specialist for an idea of various treatment options available.

However, coming back to the main point, here is a look at the major causes of crooked teeth in children.

Your Visit to a Children’s Dentist

First, you have to know what the right age is to take your child to the dentist. According to the American Academy of Orthodontics, the best-recommended age to visit an orthodontist is when they turn seven. Then again, here is a major problem because crooked teeth problems can occur even before the kid turns seven years of age. The main causes of crooked teeth could stem from developmental issues that begin right at the time of birth, sometimes even before.

In such cases, functional dentistry can help to identify as well as address such causes of crooked teeth. In children, orofacial myology and myofunctional therapy are two fields that correct such issues. However, you may be able to identify the dental problems in your child by yourself if you know exactly what to look out for before the problems get worse.

A Genetic Problem

In some children, when you consult an expert or an experienced Pediatric Dentist Tulsa, you will learn that genetics also has a major role to play when it comes to crooked teeth in kids. Sometimes, a child could inherit his or her dad’s larger teeth and a smaller jaw like their mom. Eventually, this can cause the teeth to start their own small battle to position themselves in the right spot. When there isn’t enough space in the mouth and the gums, this leads to the crowding problem. Since there isn’t enough space in the baby’s mouth, the crowding will become severe and force other teeth to come out crooked as well.

Bad Oral Habits

It may seem like a cute act to see babies sucking their thumb, but such habits can have a negative effect on the teeth. At the time of infancy, what would seem cute can turn out to be a rippling effect that can have a long-term damaging effect. When infants suck their thumb to get comfort or use a pacifier to soothe their teeth, this habit can extend further. Although this is a harmless behavior, it can lead to children having crooked teeth in the future. In addition, various other habits lead to misalignment of the jaw and teeth crowding. These could be unconscious habits like tongue thrusting, breathing through the mouth, reverse swallowing, and others. For such patients, a retainer will help to keep the teeth in good shape and aid to break the habits.

An Accident, Injury or an Illness

Keep in mind that any facial trauma or an injury to the mouth and jaw could be a leading cause of the teeth displacing. When this trauma occurs, it is a reason for most cases of crooked teeth. When teeth shift or lose their place because of an illness or an injury, the remaining teeth will eventually shift to take up space. When this happens, it is best that you seek the help of a children’s dentist, because it could only lead to other severe problems if you ignore the condition.

Just know that even when your kid is at a young age, you need to take them to a specialist to analyze any deficiencies in the arch length, which should judge whether the treatment could begin. If you see crooked teeth in your child, contact a pediatric dentist for the best plan of treatment. Sometimes, early treatment can avoid the need to wear braces in the future, and your child’s teeth will grow straight and healthy without the chances of any other problems down the line.

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